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I grew up in Saraland, Alabama, nestled in a close-knit family led by my incredibly hard working parents. Among my siblings, there are Reggie Harrison, Christal Padilla, and Vic-Jaye Watson, and I proudly claim the title of the youngest in our group. 

My educational journey began at St. Thomas Catholic


School in Chickasaw, Alabama, where I spent my formative years until the 5th grade. Transitioning into middle school, I attended Faith Academy in Mobile, Alabama, ultimately culminating in my high school graduation from Satsuma High in 1994. The next chapter took me to the University of South Alabama, where I pursued a Bachelor of Science degree, successfully earning it in 1998.

Shortly thereafter, I embarked on a career at Searcy Hospital, a mental health facility, in 1999. My ambition didn't stop there; while working at Searcy Hospital, I commuted to Thomas Goode Jones School of Law in Montgomery, Alabama, pursuing my dream of becoming an attorney. In 2006, I decided to dedicate my full attention to my legal studies, resigning from my position at the hospital. The fruits of my labor were realized in 2007 when I passed the Alabama Bar Exam. This achievement led me to join the esteemed Mobile County District Attorney’s office, under the leadership of John Tyson, where my responsibilities included overseeing misdemeanor trials, conducting felony preliminary hearings, navigating jury trials, engaging in plea negotiations, and conducting extensive legal research. Additionally, I played a crucial role in reviewing sexual assault crimes to ensure sufficient evidence for warrant issuance. This invaluable experience laid the foundation for my subsequent venture.

In 2011, I proudly established the Sullivan Law Firm, L.L.C., a family-owned firm that has thrived and expanded over the years, currently housing two attorneys, a dedicated full-time secretary, and a part-time assistant. My caseload encompasses a diverse range of legal matters, from juvenile delinquency cases and dependency cases to custody disputes, divorces, divorce modifications, and the occasional lingering adult criminal case. The journey from my roots in Saraland to founding and nurturing my own law firm has been an enriching and fulfilling one.

I married my husband, Lue, and together we have 3 children: DeJohna Watson, Lue II, and Jukaylyn. We also happily have 1 grandchild, TaShawn Watson-Bettis.

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